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Fill out this form to get specific announcements from NCiM about openings for demos, promo work, and marketing events in your area! Fill out the form completely as it helps to me send specific info for your area to you!

Also, if you decide that you no longer want to do demo work or your not interested in demos with our company I encourage you to stay on the list as we pay for referrals. So, while you might not be interested, a friend could use the work and make you a few bucks for forwarding the email!  When a new demonstrator signs up on, list you as the referral source, and works two demos with us we send you $10!

Typcially, you will receive one to three emails a month by opting into this list. If you no longer want to receive emails about events then simply unsubscribe by clicking the unsubscribe link in any email from us. 

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If you have a large social network, friends & family scattered across the country and want updates in openings across the country for our paid referral program where you earn $10 per person who works two events with us click yes!
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